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The magic of Bulgarian folklore dance is not measurable with concerts and loud applause. The magic of Bulgarian folklore dance is in the air. It is within people's hearts and souls. It is a part of the magnificence of the Bulgarian past - a past we venerate, a past we are obligate to preserve for the BULGARIANS of tomorrow. A past ensemble "Zdravets" is capturing the hearts of the world with.

Future is insecure. Future is ENIGMA. But as long there is "Zdravets", Bulgarian folklore dance will be part of that future, it will be still part of the people. Until the blood pulses under the suonds of the music of Bulgaria, until sky and earth blend together under the rhythm of the folklore dance, until there - there will be ensemble "Zdravets" bending before history.

Bulgarian music is swaying among the stars and Bulgarian dance will remain in people's hearts as long as there is "Zdravets". Until there is "Zdravets", history - past, present and future - will become one!